Commercial Automatic Entrance Doors For Buildings

Manual and automatic doors both have their place. Automatic Doors USA is here to provide you with options for whichever type suits your needs best! We manufacture all types, including sliding, swinging, or low-energy ADA door operators, so let us know how we can help transform that old manual lever into an easy-to-use automated system today.


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What Is An Automatic Door?

Automatic doors are a great way to save time, money, and energy. The most popular types are automatic sliding doors that open when someone approaches them or walks past, while others will just require that they be opened manually with no power needed on your end.

Benefits Of Automatic Doors

Automatic doors have many advantages that you can achieve after installing them into your buildings.

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Hands-Free Operation

Manual swinging doors were once the only way for pedestrians to enter a building. However, this can be an issue when disabled people need access because they don't have enough strength or range in their arms due to arthritis pain! The Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA) ensures that manual entranceways must open with less than 5 pounds open force on interior posts and 8+ pounders outside. Hence, no one has trouble using them regardless if you're walking through from indoors onto outdoors - where there might also just happen not to exist any other options available at all times.
The commercial building's automatic sliding door is the perfect solution for people in wheelchairs. All you have to do is roll up, pull open by reaching through an opening at the handle and then use your other hand on either side of where there would be hinges - when they're closed, this will hold them shut so no one can come barging into our place without permission!

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Automatic doors are great for commercial buildings that experience "rush hours" or times of the day where foot traffic entering their building is high. With traditional manual entrances, each person must open up a door by hand, which slows down everyone else trying to come in with you! The automatic sliding and swing styles have an awesome hold function built into them, so no matter what kind of jam happens during opening hours - these babies will keep flowing like water until everything gets resolved. The automatic door will stay open until you decide to switch it back.


Reduce Bacteria Spread

The door handle is not only a source for spreading germs but also an easy way to spread them. Did you know that your hands can have over 100 thousand different types of bacteria on them at any given time? 80% of infectious diseases are passed through simply by not washing away these pesky microbes with soap when we exit our homes or come into contact with Windows, and more than half (55%) happen within three feet from where I stand right. Now! So basically, if someone touches their nose while standing near me - there's a chance both entities caught something bad off each other.
Imagine the feeling of walking into an office and not having to worry about getting sick. Automatic doors can help with this by only allowing people who are supposed to be there through controlled access points, thus preventing germs from spreading around your workplace or school's entryway.

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Security and Protection

Automatic doors are an excellent way to make sure your home is safe and secure. Not only do they come equipped with features that help keep out intruders, but their electronic control systems allow them to be integrated seamlessly into any other types of security or fire alarm systems for maximum efficiency.

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Saves Energy

Automatic doors are a great way to save on energy costs. They have been shown time and again as being more efficient than traditional opening/closing methods, resulting in significant savings for building owners.

Types of Automatic Door Installations

Exterior Automatic Doors

Commercial buildings use automatic doors to separate the inside of a building from its exterior. Automatic door systems can be installed in any type of material used for construction, such as brick and wood studs; however, they will depend on what kind of anchors are needed for each specific project since there is no one-size-fits-all solution here. The exterior automatic door frame is designed to butt against the wall of any building, which means it can be installed on both masonry and steel walls.

Interior Automatic Doors

The automatic interior door is a popular means of creating separation between two areas. It fits into the frame made from wood or metal, and these doors can be installed on either side without too much difficulty–no matter what material you use for your walls!

Applications Of Automatic Doors

Automatic doors are ideal for commercial, industrial, or institutional applications.

Features Of Automatic Doors

Available Types Of Automatic Doors

Automatic Sliding Doors

An automatic sliding door is a high-tech, electric opening that allows you to enter your house without having too many problems with creaking hinges or other noises.

Automatic Swinging Doors

Automatic swinging doors are a type of automatic door where the doors swing open electrically for pedestrian access. These types often have an activated by pushing or waving it before opening to allow easy entry into your building’s foyer from either side.

Automatic Door Openers

Automatic door openers are perfect for any business that needs to have automatic swinging doors opened. These motorized electric devices only work with commercial manual swing-style hardware, so they’re easy and affordable.

Frequently Asked Questions

The different types of automatic doors are known by their names. For instance, an open door that slides across is called a system with “sliding” in its name, while one which swings open on command could be referred to as ‘swing’ technology-enabled at your fingertips.

Automatic doors are named by the door type. For instance an automatic door that slides open is called an automatic sliding door system. While an automated door that swings open is called an automatic swing door system.

Automatic doors are named by the door type. For instance an automatic door that slides open is called an automatic sliding door system. While an automated door that swings open is called an automatic swing door system.